Japan’s Ultimate Martial Art: An Insider Looks at the Japanese Martial Arts…

With extensive, step-by-step photographs and instructions, this jiu-jitsu guide is an effective tool for mastering this ancient martial art.The original Japanese martial art developed by the elite samurai class during Japan’s feudal era, Jiu-jitsu is the forerunner of Judo and the precursor of today’s ultimate fighting styles, such as mixed martial arts (MMA). For centuries, […]

Secrets of the Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan

Secrets of the Samurai is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. The work begins with a panoramic survey of the tumultuous early struggles of warlords contending for political ascendancy and then outlines […]

Art of Peace,The:Teachings of the Founder of AikidoPocket Classic (Shambhal…

The “counterpoint” to The Art of War–an inspiring collection of sayings and teachings on the peaceful resolution of conflict. Unlike other popular Eastern philosophies which accept the inevitability of violence as a means to victory–such as Musashi’s Book of Five Rings–Aikido fosters fearlessness, wisdom, and compassion and is based on the universal principles of harmony […]

Unfinished Agony: Sykes

Paul Sykes, from Lupset, near Wakefield, died aged 60 in Pinderfields Hospital from pneumonia and cirrhosis of the liver. He was a man whose life might have been changed by success in the boxing ring, but despite contending for the British & Commonwealth Heavyweight Titles, he sank back into old habits. It heralded a return […]

King of Strong Style: 1980-2014

Before he became a star of American professional wrestling, Shinsuke Nakamura was Japan’s ‘King of Strong Style.’ Follow his life and career from the amateur grappling ranks to the Nippon Budokon, thrill to his matches against such legends as Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, his reign as the youngest New Japan Pro-Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and […]

Mixed Martial Arts: Analyses of Techniques & Usage

This book pulls together some of the best writings published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts regarding modern mixed martial arts. Daniele Bolelli provides a superb overview by analyzing 176 matches that took place between 1993 and 1999 under the UFC umbrella. He also highlights the different ways in which grappling techniques are currently […]